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  • Etanium has been a long-time partner of Sage Pastel International. Sage Pastel is South Africa’s leading developer of accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business softwares for the small, medium and large enterprises. The Sage Pastel scalable range of products includes Sage My Business, Sage Pastel Xpress, Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up, Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution. It is GST ready and proven GST compliant for more than 20 years.

  • Etanium partners with an established Malaysian company to provide localised Payroll System. The Payroll System has all Malaysia payroll features and meets all Malaysia statutory requirements. The system offers a user-friendly interface, easy & accurate payroll processing and it can scale from a few employees to large business deployments. The system is flexible. It calculates pay according to company-defined pay package – eg. hourly rate and/or fixed monthly pay. It has all predefined payslip and banking reports. Statutory reporting includes EA, EPF and SOCSO.

  • Etanium offers cheque printing solutions to print cheques from a choice of 22 major Malaysia commercial banks. Their unique feature allows account set-up, allowing customers to store all previous entries for later use and reporting. Standard functions include “auto date” for cheque and generating amount into words according to numeric amounts inputted by user. Payment Vouchers can be printed on standard A4 paper for all cheques issued. No additional hardware is required and our solutions work on all current Windows Operating Systems.

  • Etanium is your one-stop shop for all telecommunication needs. We have expertise to help businesses select and implement IP-PBX telephone system.  Break free from your out dated tradition PBX telephone system.  IP-PBX is cost much lesser than a traditional phone system. The initial implementation cost and the expansion cost are both much lower than compared to traditional hardware based PBX, and with IP-PBX system, businesses also save on maintenance fees from vendors. IP-PBX can scale to very large and almost unlimited capacity because it leverages latest powerful modern hardware. With IP-PBX, businesses can also use VoIP providers to save on national and international calls and even able to terminate international customer service number to your local IP-PBX. Manage IP-PBX in house and save on consultants fees. Further savings come from connecting branch offices so that inter-office calls are setup as internal call and therefore are free calls. Using state-of-the-art technology will provide businesses to stay ahead of competitors. IP-PBX is very easy to manage, greater return on investment, more features, less hardware & vendor dependent and much more scalable & flexible.

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