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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) “Does it Better for Less”

VoIP has been deployed in big corporations for many years. In fact, VoIP is ready for all businesses. With good Internet connection, every business can have VoIP. It is just a matter of integration with your existing legacy/hybrid telephone system or upgrade to a complete IP Telephone System. 

With VoIP, you can call more and pay less. Explore Business to other part of Malaysia and Overseas without incurring expensive telephone bill. Make telephone calls to your customers, branch and oversea offices with lower cost. Get tasks done with less time and more efficiency.

It is another winning product - do more in less time and pay less. Maintain business with a competitive edge: reduce travelling costs, increase productivity and save time. 

It makes a big impact on business budget. Cut telephone bills by 90%. Make free calls to Branch and Oversea offices.

We provide VoIP custom solutions IPPBX to meet all business requirements. We also provide VoIP integration with businesses’ existing legacy/hybrid telephone system. Hence, every business can have VoIP like a big corporation.

In addition, we provide services with minimum setup and a low fee:
• Telephone Point-to-point routing
• Telephone call gateway routing
• Inter branches VoIP connection
• VPN secure connection to Etanium VoIP system

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Our Services