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We make it simple:Etanium Web and eMail Hosting provides ONE premium,
full-featured web and eMail hosting package that comes with everything required for business. Discover true web & eMail hosting experience with a world-class solution suite that makes your business stand out from the rest.
Etanium provides hosting plans in 2 platforms:   Linux Server Platform  Windows Server Platform.
Etanium Hostings can be arranged as Shared Server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server. Etanium Hostings come with Windows and Linux platforms to suit all business requirements. As an experienced  hosting provider in both platforms, Etanium provides flexible, secure and scalable hosting environments.

All plans  come with individual control panel, making it easy for uploading files, storing databases and managing eMail accounts.  eMail hosting comes with SPAM filtering as standard feature to reduce unwelcome and unsolicited eMails.

Our Services