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Fax 2 Email

Fax 2 eMail is an inbound fax service that allows faxes to be received directly in eMail inbox. Fax 2 eMail allows multiple faxes to be received simultaneously -- fax sender will not hear “fax busy” line-engaged tone again. This makes it the perfect fax solution for offices receiving high volume of incoming faxes.


A dedicated real 8-digit telephone number is assigned as fax number. When faxes are sent to the fax number, the faxes are converted into PDF files and delivered to a designated email address as attachment in the eMail. Instead of collecting incoming faxes from the fax machine, faxes are now in a PC, notebook or  smartphones as eMails. All text and formatting of the faxes remain unchanged. They can be read, printed, saved, forwarded and deleted, just like any eMail messages.



Receive faxes directly in eMail inbox.
Use existing eMail software and existing Internet connection.
Works on all operating systems as long as the system is able to read PDF Imaging file


• Faxes are receivable and retrievable anytime, anywhere
• No more misplaced faxes or missing pages
• It is secured for your confidential faxes as faxes are delivered directly in eMail inbox, not on
  fax machine
• Faxes can be printed, saved and forwarded to another person’s eMail
• Never runs out of paper or ink/toner. Very ideal for high volume fax. No more missed or lost faxes
  due to fax machine out of paper or power failure
• Delete unsolicited faxes. It is GREEN and protects our environment
• Accept multiple faxes simultaneously. No more busy/engaged fax line
• No capital cost involved

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